We are specialists in the study, conservation
and analysis of our environment.

Environmental Solutions

We study and analyse our environment, providing our clients with solutions adapted to environmental regulations.

We develop a comprehensive advice to know the rules of application of any process, installation, company or project.

Environmental processing & consultancy

Paper sector

Technical report for the adaptation to the environmental authorization included in the European decision on the best available techniques in the paper sector

Environmental consulting and document processing

Environmental documents and authorizations

We develop specific reports for the authorization or legalization of process or installations, pursuant to the regulations of the industry which are in force in each case. In this process, we offer our clients comprehensive consulting services: identification of the legal requirements to be applied in each case, developing all the necessary documents and assistance, including the necessary administrative processes and follow-up of the whole process until it is satisfactory solved.

  • Environmental authorizations
  • Processing of documents and reports about the implementation of the environmental release registry protocol
  • Environmental authorizations and communications
  • Environmental impact studies on any activity
  • Environmental strategic assessment related to the planning document process and the modification of urban programs and plans
  • Environmental processing of programs, industrial plans and special plans
  • Environmental risks report (framework regulations Law 26/2007)
  • Available technical improvement of different industries according to Directive 9661/EC
  • Waste minimisation studies and Waste Production Statements
  • Authorization of waste producers, managers and carriers
  • Response reports for Administrative Claims
  • Consultancy for responding sanction records
  • Request of any kind of authorization for works or installations: disposal authorizations, public water supply authorization, Red Natura 2000 lien, livestock trail liens, archaeological processes, processer regarding atmospheric release sources, authorization for the use and exploitation of forests, etc.
  • Requests of subsidies and grant
  • Assessment of environmental damages and specific surveys


Angosto Environmental Study

Legal consulting

Comprehensive advice on regulations

We develop comprehensive consulting services in order to manage the regulations for applying any process, installation, business or project; whether it be environmental regulations or regulations regarding installations, maintenance, operational safety at the workplace.

    • Reports of identification of legal requirements to be applied
    • Legal compliance diagnosis reports
  • Analysis of compliance of legal requirements
  • Solutions to the regulation requirements with failures; comprehensive management of the necessary processes for solving them

Environmental due diligence

Environmental due diligence for industrial asset transactions

Due Diligence Ambiental

Due diligence is aimed at determining and quantifying responsibilities

The aim of the environmental due diligence is cooperating for carrying out  real estate transactions and related operations, assessing the lots and buildings that may be bought, refurbished, etc. in the future.

Our due diligence reports are aimed at establishing and assessing current and/or possible environmental responsibilities, as well as the associated risks, as they may affect the value of the assets or the feasibility of the investment.


Technical assistance for follow-up of environmental requirements in Aena airport.

Climate Change Consultancy

Innovative Solutions

We contribute providing our experience in order to develop innovative solutions which allow our clients implement strategies for identifying and reducing carbon release and adopting plans of actions and adaptation to climate change.

  • Carbon Footprint consultancy
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Several document processes regarding atmospheric releases
  • Consultancy in emissions allowances
Environmental Engineering


Environmental consultancy services and technical assistance for the projects and works promoted by adif and subject to environmental impact statements.

Disposal Plant

Design and legalization projects of the building and demolition disposal plant in castilla y León

Alba de Tormes Wind Farm

Elaboration and processing of the documents of the environmental communities before the local governments regarding the construction and start up. 

Madrid Underground

Elaboration of the project for the extension of line 11 of Madrid underground. Section: Plaza Eliptica – Conde de Casal

Environmental Engineering and Technical Assistance

Turnkey projects and specialized project assistance

The environmental engineering department offers services with different scopes, from the development of turnkey projects in different environments up to the cooperation with developers, engineering companies, construction companies, public administration, etc. for the development of different documents (annexes of project environmental integration, annexes of building and demolition waste, environmental cartography, assessment and development of the associated environmental processes for those projects, identification of environmental aspects to be considered for the projects, design of corrective and compensation measures to be considered for the designing and execution of the works etc.)

The fields in which those works are developed are really different, but we can highlight the projects in transport infrastructures, airports, energy infrastructures, renewable infrastructures and waste management plants.


Technologies Applied To The Environment


Elaboration of natural risk cartography: montaña pirenaica. Poctefa/Alert project

Environmental cartography and geographical information systems

Complete response to the needs of our customers

The Geographical Information Systems create a model, prediction and graphic representation of the different environmental aspects and they help visualizing the information, analysing the data and making the corresponding decisions. Those services include the development of cartography regarding any environmental issues, by developing products as free software for the client or specific software with a license of use, such as ArcGis.

  • Environmental risk maps (visual basin, environmental risks, releases, hydrogeology, soil, acoustics, habitats, etc.)


Consultancy services and technical assistance or environmental integration of the projects and works assigned to Adif and Adif-alta velocidad

Environmental technology

Adapted tools

We offer our clients technological solutions regarding the environmental management projects for companies and public administration, in order to design tools adapted to their needs to increase their competiveness and improve their efficiency

  • Software design and development for implementing environmental management systems
  • Definition of environmental indexes for process and project monitoring
  • Development of specific software for making logs and analysis
  • Consultancy for defining environment mobile apps

R&D&I Refibre Project

Integrated management of fibreglass-reinforced plastic waste from wind turbine blades at the end of their service life


Experience in R&D&I project management

Innovation is a key factor for the economic and technological development and it is necessary for encouraging competitiveness in any sector. We are experts in RDI project management and we offer consultancy services for identifying and analysing innovative projects which allow implementing innovative technologic solutions in the energy, energy efficiency, transport infrastructure and environmental sustainability. For that reason, we cooperate with different stakeholders, adding technical value to the development and implementation of those initiatives and the complete management of RDI projects within the European and national frameworks.

Environmental Technical Assistance

Espartinas II

Elaboration of the remodelling plan of the area affected by the exploitation project for the extension of exploitation authorization in Martin de la Vega.

Specific environment studies

Complete response to the needs of our customers

We have a multidisciplinary team that develops all kind of special reports and inventories about different environmental aspects: landscape, fauna, flora, waste, acoustic, soil, atmosphere, etc.

    • Flora and fauna inventories
    • Biological rest studies
    • Environmental integration and landscape restoration studies
    • Archaeological and industrial heritage inventories
  • Restoration and revegetation plans
  • Specific reports regarding circular economy
  • Red Natura 2000 lien reports
  • Reports of affection on Natura 2000 network

A Coruña Port

Technical assistance for the environmental supervision and follow-up of the works and possible impact generated, according to the environmental supervision program of the building project for the extension of dock and the improvement of the depth of the new port facilities-

Technical assistance and environmental supervision

Industry, building and infrastructure

We have a team of specialists in environmental supervision which gives advice to our clients during any phase of the project: from the planning and designing up to the construction and operation phases. We participate in all kind of industrial projects (services or manufacturing companies), buildings and infrastructures (railways, roads, airports, etc.)

  • Environmental construction supervision
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Development of quality assurance and environmental plans
  • Elaboration of mandatory environmental reports (according to the requirements of the Environmental Impact Statements) for national or European organisms
  • Definition and analysis of the efficiency of the compensatory and corrective measures, and defence and justification before third parties involved
  • Definition of the bidding terms for public tenders regarding environmental issues from a technical point of view
  • Studies for the identification and assessment of the legal requirements to be applied
  • Environmental consultancy regarding local administration services
  • Monitoring of quality and environmental performance in public services (gardening, cleaning and waste collection)

Castellón Airport

Environmental consultancy services and assistance

Tender Services for Bidding

Environmental approach in all processes

We cooperate with our clients to add an environmental point of view to bidding processes and all kind of contracts. Based on our experiences, we contribute with an assessment scheme and create environmental value proposals based on the final client’s requirements, developing

  • Detailed analysis of the tender documents
  • Design of specific documents, adapted to the public tender and the client
  • Optimization of the experience of the organization regarding any kind of bids, whether they be internal, as partners, or for external clients
  • Application of the organization knowledge about public administration requirements, evaluation system, interests, etc. for the best adaptation to the proposal
  • Monitoring and support for client management

Environmental Inspection

Situation Reports

Study and assessment of situation reports on potentially soil polluting activities

Grupo Siro

Preoperational study of soil and ground water of logistics park and inland port for grupo siro. Venta de baños. Palencia

Environmental inspection

Soil and Groundwater studies 

We are accredited by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body) as a environmental inspection entity, according to ISO 17020 regulations. This certificate guarantees a good performance of provided, mandatory for the implementation of certain actions

  • Preliminary status soil report, according to regulations RD9/2005
  • Technical and legal assistance regarding purchase-sale transactions of land or facilities
  • Reports about the exploitation of soil, including preliminary and monitoring surveys of soil and ground water
  • Risk analysis for human health and the ecosystems
  • Applications for permitting and legalizations
  • Hydrogeological studies
  • Soil and groundwater consultancy, as a response to administrative claims, proposals of sanctions, etc.
  • Technical assistance to private and public clients

Management systems

Grulleros León

development, implementation and assistance during the implementation process and maintenance of the certificate of a laboratory according to une-en iso/iec 17025:2005.


Development and implementation of iso 9001:2008, 14001:2004, iso 45001  

Management systems consultancy

Complete response to the needs of our customers

Consultancy services for any kind of company or industry, for the management, implementation and audit of different international standards.

  • Implementation of management systems standards (Quality ISO 9001,Environment ISO 14001, Health & Safety ISO 45001, RDI UNE 166002, EMAS Regulations, Energy Efficiency ISO 50001, etc.).
  • Internal audits
  • Support of external audits and certifying processes
  • Implementation of management systems for ENAC certifications (ISO 17020, ISO 17025)
  • Design and implementation of training plans adapted to companies´ needs related to applicable regulations
  • Development of balanced scorecards and management plans
  • Development of voluntary or regulatory documents regarding environmental communication
  • Consultancy services to improve corporate´s green perception

Studies and assistance in acoustic environments

Roads of the National Network

Elaboration of noise strategic maps for the roads of the national network in Asturias, Cantabria y Galicia (2nd phase)


Noise study produced by the transportation of mobile material as a consequence of the construction of the high-speed railways Sangonera – Lorca

Acoustic environment studies and technical assistance

International Standard ISO 17025

Our acoustics laboratory follows the provisions of ISO 17025 and carries out different environmental and architectural acoustics tests.

Our acoustic engineering department carries our any kind of modelling necessary for defining the project, carrying out the necessary legal processes associated, making decisions, implementing corrective measures, etc. That is why a specific software for acoustic prediction is used, such as Cadna-A.

  • In situ tests of the soundproofing of buildings and facades, impact sounds and reverberation time
  • Environmental acoustic tests (machinery noises, among others)
  • Noise tests on building systems, equipment, etc.
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Predictive environmental noise models / acoustic maps for activities, industries, towns, infrastructures –roads, railways, airports, etc. –
  • Strategic noise maps according to the current regulations
  • Elaboration of plans against noise
  • Technical assistance for private and public clients regarding this issue