Our actions cover both the infrastructure
itself and its cross-cutting aspects

Infraestructures Solutions

We provide technical support in all phases of the project, from conception to operation and maintenance.

The scope of our actions covers both the infrastructure itself and its transversal aspects (environment, geotechnics, materials) and we have the capacity and experience to develop projects in any international environment.

Transport Infrastructure

Duero Highway

Services for the control and supervision of building works: Section: Venta Nueva-enlace de Santiuste (Soria).

High Speed Barcelona

Assistance services for carrying out audits for access to the new terminal at Barcelona Airport and the high-speed line MAD-ZGZ-BCN-FR.


Control and supervision services during the execution of the works: remodelling of n-232. Section: L.P. Castellón – provisional road intersection to rafales. (Teruel).

Transport infrastructure

Ability and experience to develop projects in any international environment.

We provide technical expertise for each stage of the project, from the conception up to its operation and maintenance. We offer our services to the different parties involved in the development of the infrastructure: Public Administration, concessionaire companies, funding bodies, EPCs, insurance companies…

Not only does the scope of our activity include the infrastructure itself, but also transversal aspects (environment, geotechnics, material) and we have enough know-how and experience to develop projects anywhere in the world. Some of our renowned services are

  • Technical due diligence
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical structuring of Public-Private Partnerships and private initiatives
  • Value Engineering and tender project design
  • Risk analysis and environmental, social and expropriation studies
  • Geotechnical studies, critical points and Soil improvement treatments
  • Road Safety, tunnel safety and health and safety services
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Assessment for the elaboration of exploitation, maintenance, environmental, expropriation and social plans
  • Technical office during the design, construction and exploitation phases
Urban Development

Calle 63 - Bogotá

Assessment of the alternatives for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the road infrastructure for mixed and non-motorized traffic of the road.


Elaboration of the building project: M-40 service roads and other actions. New connection branches in M-14 and M-21 with internal service road of M-40 and elimination of the current weaving. Madrid.

Wanda Metropolitano

Feasibility study for access authorisation project, construction project and facultative management. 

Urban development

Mobility and sustainability

The positioning of the company is linked to the development of mobility, sustainability and urbanism services. The main activities or services developed are the following:

  • Planning, Urban Development and Mobility Studies
  • Planning and design of mass transit networks.
  • Design of sustainable urban spaces and new technology parks
  • Planning and design of cycle lanes
  • Planning and design of urban highways
  • Design and renewal of great intermodal transfer facilities, underground stations and related facilities
Hydraulic Infrastructures

Valle del Esgueva

Work management services for carrying out expropriations, supervision and control of phase 2 of the works of the project “Proyecto de abastecimiento a las poblaciones del valle”

City of Matagalpa

Study and design for improving and enlarging the drinkable water system and the construction of the sewage system.

Hydraulic infrastructures

Technical reference at national and international level

Our experience in the water cycle management has allowed us to become experts in hydraulic infrastructure projects. Our main clients are the developers, builders and operators of hydraulic facilities, whether they be public or private companies..

  • Irrigation, channels and pipes
  • Collectors, pipelines and storm tanks
  • Tanks, reservoirs and water supply networks
  • Hydraulic tunnels and caverns
  • Operations in dams
  • Value Engineering and tender project design for Water Treatment Projects
  • Drainage systems design for road infrastructure projects

Cargo Terminal (Bilbao)

Technical assistance for elaborating the project “adequacy of cargo terminal.”

Alicante - Elche Airport

Inspection of torres mega equipment in the airport of Alicante – Elche for adapting them to a R.D. 1215/1997

Adolfo Suárez Madrid Barajas

Regularization and updating services for technical documents for maintaining the signalling systems.


Highly specialized services

We have been working on a frequent basis with important international operators, developers and public administrations for more than 15 years, implementing specialized consulting services, which allow us to generate an important added value for our clients in the airport sector. Because of this and of the general commitment of the company for the development of this services, a multidisciplinary team with a lot of experience in the industry, has been consolidated for the development of the following activities:

  • Project design for civil works, terminals and any kind of facilities related to airport management.
  • Construction supervision, commissioning and operation of buildings, facilities and airport runway activities
  • Energy efficiency management
  • Consultancy for the Management of Airport Retail Areas
  • Accessibility Studies
  • Baggage handling systems
  • Airport Security
  • Environmental Studies and Management
Territorial and Rural Management

A Pobra

Preparation of property inventories for the municipalities of the province of A Coruña, Phase V.

Territorial and rural management

Multidisciplinary teams that allow us to generate a global vision

We offer technical services linked to the management and territorial development, with special scope on the rural environment, where we can cover the needs that arise for the development of a project of these characteristics. We have multidisciplinary teams that allow us to generate a global vision, applying effective and optimal solutions.

  • Territorial and Patrimonial Management Systems
  • Land consolidation projects
  • Designs and safety studies of dams and irrigation ponds
  • Design of channels, conduits and irrigation networks
  • Advice, feasibility studies and modernisation of agricultural holdings
  • Environmental studies and forest inventories
  • Specific consultancy for licenses and grants