Industry and Energy

Committed to change towards a sustainable society

Industry and Energy

INCOSA has more than 15 years of experience in the electricity and gas infrastructure sector.

Our strong commitment to change towards a sustainable society has led us to work for years to offer our customers solutions that facilitate the ecological transition. We provide highly specialised solutions.

Renewable Energy

Photovoltaic Solar Park 500 MW

Value Engineering and Administrative Processing of detailed project of the Transmission Network and Power Substation in Parque Solar Fotovoltaico 500 MW in Zafra

Tormes Wind Farm

Technical assistance in environmental matters for the construction and start-up of the Tormes wind farm.

Renewable Generation

Technical potential and experience in the field of renewable energies

We provide technical services during the development and building phases of electric power regeneration through non-conventional renewable sources. Our technical potential and experience in the field of renewable energies have led INCOSA to develop generation projects. Our capacities in this sector are the following:

  • Preparation of documents for permitting during the pre-development phase for photovoltaic solar energy and wind power projects. Basic and detailed design, environmental projects and geological and hydraulic characterization
  • Development of economic feasibility studies; estimating CAPEX and OPEX for the planning phase and establishing an economic return timeline.
  • Environmental premitting of the project during construction and operation phases.
  • Analysis of the current capacity and planning of injection capacity into the electric networks.
  • Detailed design for photovoltaic solar energy and wind power generation plants, traction substations and electricity evacuation lines.
  • Project management and supervision during the whole cycle of construction up to the operation phase.


  • Preparation and monitoring of the quality assurance plan.
  • Design and development of self-consumption projects adapted to the client’s needs.
  • Development and funding of photovoltaic solar energy generation projects.
Energy Efficiency Consultancy


Energy audits management according to Royal Decree 56/2016 in the 12 main airports of AENA network 


Energy audits and power efficiency management in ENAIRE buildings

Energy Consultancy

Committed to change towards a sustainable society

Following a strong commitment to changes towards a sustainable society, INCOSA has been working for years in order to provide solutions for our clients in order to help them with their eco-transitions, and thus optimizing the total amount of energy consumption. The following are among the services offered in relation to this objective:
  • Energy Audits according to Spanish regulations RD 56/2016
  • Implementation of the Energy Management System 50.001
  • Energy monitoring and measurement systems.
  • Consulting for energy purchase. Analysis of consumption patterns, billing follow-up and tariff optimization
  • Energy certification according to Spanish regulations RD 235/2013
  • Electrical Mobility: Studies of network needs, design of power supply facilities and transformer plants, construction and operation.
  • Preparation, start-up, control and optimization of maintenance plans for all kind of assets.
  • Project development for improving energy performance
Transport and Distribution

Red Eléctrica de España

Elaboration of remodeling projects and improvement of Power Substations managed by Red Eléctrica de España 

Red Eléctrica de España

Safety and Health Coordination of High-Voltage power infrastructures managed by Red Eléctrica de España


Supervision, audit and inspection of the supplier network of the gas maintenance service managed by Iberdrola 

Transport, Distribution and Commercialization of Electric Energy and Gas

More than 15 years of experience in the electricity and gas infrastructure sector

After 15 years working in the electric power and gas infrastructure industry, we provide consultancy and engineering services for all the stages of the electric power and gas transmission, distribution and commercialization projects:

  • High voltage electric power infrastructure engineering (Power Substation, electrical lines, Transformer Plants)
  • Design of foundations of high voltage electrical lines and Power Substations
  • Geologic and Geotechnical studies during design and construction phases
  • Technical Inspection of works
  • Project Management and construction supervision of power infrastructure: civil works, electrical lines, electromechanical assembly, Safety/Control and Telecommunications.
  • Start-up supervision. Factory Acceptance Tests and Site Acceptance Test
  • Health and safety coordination
  • Consultancy and supervision of the electrical power and gas distribution operation and maintenance
  • Health, safety and environment supervision and monitoring
  • Fraud management. Technical assistance regarding supply claims
  • Quality management of the supply and the related services
Industrial Construction


Elaboration of the project and Site Management of the new offices and extension of the current plant in EUROPAC factory

Holmen Paper

Comprehensive Management of the building works of the industrial plant for the manufacturing of silicon casting.


Engineering and Technical Assistance for the supervision of the development of the building works of EAGLE building of GSK in Aranda de Duero

Industrial building

Consulting and Engineering

We develop the necessary industrial consultancy and engineering services regarding design as well as construction, including

  • Pre-feasibility, feasibility, basic and detailed design for the construction and/or renovation of industrial plants
  • Basic and detailed design for activities regarding civil works, structures, electrical power installations, pressure equipment, conditioning, fire protection, elevators, fuel storage, etc.
  • Complementary studies (soil analysis, topography…)
  • Permitting Management (urban, industrial, environment…)
  • Construction Supervision and Project Management
  • Procurement and Risk Management during the construction process
Facilities Engineering

Adolfo Suárez madrid Barajas Airport

Project of the bus station for Terminal 4 

El Prat Airport

VIP lounge refurbishment project in Terminal 1 and 2 at the airport


Lighting project for the platform of the Airport of Jerez.

Facilities Engineering

Highly specialized solutions

We provide highly specialized solutions for facilities during design, construction and operation phases of any kind of buildings and transport infrastructures. We offer a comprehensive solution to our clients:

  • Basic and detailed design including legalization of projects:
    • Electrical Power Services
    • Mechanical services (HVAC system, plumbing, sewage…)
    • Building Management System (BMS)
    • Control and Monitoring
    • Fire Protection (PCI)
    • Air extraction systems
    • Solar Thermal Energy
    • Telecommunications
    • Mechanic and Pneumatic Transport facilities
  • Project Management
  • Facility damage evaluation
  • Project optimization
  • Operation tests
  • Commissioning and Quality Assurance of installations