IT Solutions

Our trajectory as a company and our engineering vision allow us to offer our
customers solutions at the level of development of computer projects

IT Solutions

We put at the service of our customers, the most advanced technology applying solutions for asset inventory or georeferencing.

The capacity and experience of our technicians do not allow us to offer solutions using thelatest technologies in the development of computer projects.

Tax and Asset Management


Outsourced wealth, real estate management and tax services for ENDESA

Tax and Asset Management

We have technicians specialized in wealth management and technology

The vision of INCOSA regarding tax and asset management aims to combine our knowledge about technology, project management and service management in order to provide our clients innovative solutions to manage their assets. We have professionals with experience in wealth management and technology, which allow us gain experience in this kind of services. The following are the most important services and products we offer:

  • Wealth and asset inventories for private clients
  • Real estate audit and revision of the values assigned to the assets
  • Revision of local taxes, fees and special taxes
  • Elaboration of reports, incident detection and assessment of estimated savings
  • Wealth inventories for public administration according local regulations
  • Inventories for local administration assets
  • Cemetery inventories
  • INVENT: in-house developed specific software for wealth management which can be accessed through a website


Maintenance, updating and revision of the inventory of Barcelona Airport

Environmental Technology

Adapted tools

We offer our clients technological solutions linked to environmental management projects for both companies and administrations in order to design tools adapted to their needs that increase their competitiveness and improve their efficiency.

  • Design and development of software for the implementation of environmental management systems.
  • Definition of environmental indicators for process and project control
  • Development of specific software for recording and analysis
  • Consultancy for the definition of mobile applications of environmental themes
Geographical Information Systems

Local IT Institute of Barcelona

Design and implementation of a graphic system for the road use management for the Local IT Institute of Barcelona

Geographical Information Systems

We offer a geographic view of your business

The combination of our know-how regarding graphic information processing and alphanumeric database management allows us develop knowledge on geographical information systems, which help us offer our clients a geographic view of their business through services related to the land and the positioning of assets. The following products arise from our experience regarding this kind of systems:

  • Geographical data processing
  • Definition and Implementation of Geographical processes
  • Inventories of public spaces and mobility
  • Inventory and management of supply systems
  • Mobility management, incidents and damages control
  • Integration of cadaster for urban planning
  • Development of Planetario app: in-house developed on Microstation platform for the management of georeferenced information

Software Engineering

Local Services of Barcelona

Development of applications, upgrading, adapting and corrective software on Transport apps.

Software Engineering / IT

We offer our clients solutions at the level of development of computer projects

The development of our Company and our engineering view allow us offer our clients solutions at the level of IT project development to solve the problems which are part of their type of business. The abilities and experience of our professionals allow us offer solutions using the latest technologies for the development of IT projects. Some of the services and products we offer are.


  • Analysis, design and implementation of solutions to specific challenges
  • Electronic administration. Implementation of Tramit@, an in-house developed tool for the management of administrative procedures
  • Improvement of the management and productivity in business critical processes
  • Integration of heterogeneous systems
  • Database management and development
  • Systems engineering
  • Development of Desktop Apps
  • Management of the life cycle and integration of Airport Management System (CGA)